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All things are possible if we set our minds to it. Therefore, Peace on Earth is possible. A happy Planet and Humanity are possible. Equal opportunity for all is possible.  I am committed to creating this  New World for my Grandchildren. They deserve the best, as do we all!

Lynda Lamp is an extremely talented author and wordsmith, professional speaker, and life coach. She is also known as a visionary, circle leader, award-winning photographer, and community activist. Lynda’s unique life experience of being born awake gives her an unusual insight into how life works, and she has been sharing her understanding with others since childhood. Walking Through Your Walls is the culmination of her life purpose, to shine a light on the path of love and peace, helping the world find its way to harmony. Lynda lives with her husband in Alaska where they operate the award-winning Angels Rest on Resurrection Bay, LLC waterfront retreat.

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Lynda, a LAMP from birth.

f3a78dfb8e258e04efe68396c470ae76Some of us walking the face of Earth/Gaia/Eden at this time, accepted life assignments or missions. I am one of those people. My assignment is to bring you a way to learn about peace and love in the form of a Handbook. After years of resisting my assignment I realized that my initials actually spell LAMP, something that people called me as a small child; I finally embraced the idea of fulfilling my assignment. That mission has brought me to the penning of a Handbook for Humanity titled: Walking Through Your Walls: Loving Yourself and Everyone Else. I hope that it serves you in some way.  You can experience Heaven on Earth, as you are meant to ~ not the hell on earth we have created out of our fears and separation. When we change ourselves, we change our world!

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We Love Us

(Featured in Volume III of Walking Through Your Walls)

WE LOVE US is an acronym for 8 action statements that when each person lives by, will create a world that works for everyone and creates peace on Earth.

Action Statements


Universe Whisperer Personalized Life Coaching

What’s holding you back from the life of your dreams? I can help you see the results you’re after, with your permission, of course!

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Laugh to Heal

The best medicine is laughter! (This site is old and needs work, I apologize!)

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Angels Rest on Resurrection Bay, LLC

Experience heavenly relaxation in Alaska and schedule time with Lynda Lamp for coaching or life discussion, consulting or just get to meet her.

Heavenly Lodging


Love by Light

Love By Light Progressing The World Paradigm With Love. An Innovative Gathering of Collective Voices Progressing the World Paradigm with Love.

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Angels Care Inc.

Learn how to help others in your community using the model of AK ANGELS Care, Inc.

Community Service