Lynda Lamp

Author, Speaker, Life Coach

Who am I?

I was born with the gift of memory. I remember the time before I entered my Mother, and I remember the 9 months I was in her womb.  I remember conversations about this life, the agreements and plans. I came into this world with a clear knowledge that first and foremost, I needed to find someone. Once I found that someone, we, together, would do something. I have always known that there is always help available to me and every one. It dismays me more people don’t realize  there is help.  I am part the “wisdom distribution channel” as Dianne Collins calls  it.

My Philosophy

I may not have read every book on the subject, but I’ve read many. Wallace D. Wattles sums it up: “There is a thinking stuff, from which all things are made, and which in its original form, permeates and penetrates the inner spaces of the Universe. A thought in this substance produces the thing imaged by the thought.”  Life is energy and its about our thoughts. The Energy of Life is produced by our thoughts. Master your thoughts, and you master your life. We need embrace the teachings of the sages, not worship the teachers. My book : Walking Through Your Walls: Loving Yourself (and Everyone Else), Humanity’s Handbook to Living Consciously in the 21st Century goes into these concepts in detail. Look for Volume I in bookstores near you and online, or order a signed copy from my website! Visit the book website to sign up for updates and publication notice!

My Websites & Projects


We Love Us

(Featured in Volume III of Walking Through Your Walls)
WE LOVE US is an acronym for 8 action statements that when each person lives by, will create a world that works for everyone and creates peace on Earth.

Action Statements






Universe Whisperer Personalized Life Coaching

What’s holding you back from the life of your dreams? I can help you see the results you’re after, with your permission, of course!

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Laugh to Heal

The best medicine is laughter! (This site is old and needs work, I apologize!)

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Angels Rest on Resurrection Bay, LLC

Experience heavenly relaxation in Alaska and schedule time with Lynda Lamp for coaching or life discussion, consulting or just get to meet her.

Heavenly Lodging



Love by Light

Love By Light Progressing The World Paradigm With Love. An Innovative Gathering of Collective Voices Progressing the World Paradigm with Love.

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Angels Care Inc.

Learn how to help others in your community using the model of AK ANGELS Care, Inc.

Community Service